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ATT&T Park versus Petco Park


In April 2018, my buddy Joe and I took in a day game and a night game at AT&T Ballpark, where the San Francisco Giants hosted my San Diego Padres. The Giants park is picturesque, and its promenade allows fans to walk completely around the ballpark. Lots to see. However, the bowels of AT&T left much to be desired. Dark, dingy comes to mind. Many of the concessions, while serving good food and beverages, are located in the dark, dingy areas.

Speaking of walking, a ton of fans use this mode of transportation to attend. Many fans arrive by the Muni Metro (bus) that drops fans one block from the ballpark.  Others bike, and, of course, some drive.

Giants ballpark PANORAMA

brandon-belt-051618-getty-ftrjpg_1htqmd3azrb3d1pzre69wwoijk - Copy

At Petco, the vast majority drive, a few bike, and fewer walk.We were pleased to see a number of fellow San Diego Padre fans, but their numbers were paltry compared to the number of Frisco fans who represent when their Giants come to play at Petco Park, home of the Padres.

(Slugger Brandon Belt pictured to your right.)

Originally dubbed Pacific Bell, SF’s park can’t hold a candle to San Diego’s field of dreams, four years younger than AT&T. Especially from the high-tech standpoint.AT&T front area

Petco boasts a gigantic, high definition video screen above left field, and now has a very large one above right.  Absent high def, AT&T’s video board is noticeably smaller than Petco’s right field screen.

Unfortunately, Petco’s giant screen has not helped the Padres pathetic win/loss record for most years of the franchise’s existence ( Since 1969). And although the Pads tricked out, techie park makes AT&T look medieval, the Giants have a decorated, lengthy history. Giants have won eight World Series and been in 20 World Series. Includes five when the franchise was the New York Giants.

Willie Mays

The three Fall Classics won by the San Fran Giants were in 2010, 2012, and 2014. In other words, the Giants have been quite the force in this century. To make matters worse for Padre fans, the Giants won all three Series with former Padres manager Bruce Bochy. Ouch!

The Padres have only made it to a pair of World Series (1984 and 1998). First losing to the Cubs and then the Yankees.

The San Francisco Giants left blustery, foggy, multi-purpose Candlestick Park and moved across town into its brand-new PacBell baseball park 18 years ago. Arguably the second “designer” baseball-only playground to open. (Preceded by Baltimore’s designer Camden Yards.)

Bodies of water in common: While Petco is only a long block away from the harbor, AT&T abuts the bay. In fact, a handful of boat people patrol the bay just beyond center and right field seats to literally net home run baseballs that plunk into the water.

Out front of AT&T is highlighted by dramatic statues of Willie Mays, Willie McCovey, Orlando Cepeda, Gaylord Perry, and Juan Marichal.

AT&T park night

NOTE: In 1958, the New York Giants, formerly named the New York Gothams, moved to Baghdad by the Bay while the Brooklyn Dodgers moved to L.A.

Gaylord Perry

NOTE:  Originally, the Giants were known as the New York Gothams, debuting in 1883. The team team went 46-50, finishing sixth in the National League.


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