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Second Place Not Good Enough

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Imagination is unrestricted by reality. That’s what fantasy, in its purest form, is all about. Unfortunately, for those  of us who have never won a fantasy baseball league championship we experience way too much reality throughout the long Major League season.

Makes for an even longer off season. We find ourselves in the “woulda-coulda-shoulda” mode

On occasion, some of us come close to reaching the Holy Grail, placing second, third, or fourth. But if you don’t take first for umpteen years, it hurts. In other words, we’re losers. At least many of us develop the loser mindset. Definitely doesn’t help on draft day.

Take yours truly. I’m in my 20th year of fantasy baseball, and have competed in three different leagues, but have never won it all.  Started in a snake draft league with nine categories. Eventually graduated to an auction ultra-league and then an auction league with daily transactions and a six-man bench. Oh yeah, our ultra-league, also known as a dynasty league, features six pitching and six offensive categories. That’s one shy of a baker’s dozen. Plus this league consists of 14 teams. Might go to 15 this season. Quite the challenge, yet still fun.

That’s because we get to play with our rosters a lot more. Kinda’ like playing with your action figures and toy army men back in the days before we started noticing the opposite sex.

Hate Losing? Me, too. Still having fun in your respective competitions? Me, too. Keep coming back for more? Of course. We’re passionate about the game, and can’t stop coming back for more abuse. In other words, we’re hooked.

By sharing my fantasy experiences in this blog, I hope it will be helpful to other losers out there. After all, we learn from our mistakes, even in the fantasy game.

Would really appreciate to hear from other losers. I’m sure there’s plenty to share. Maybe, just maybe we can help one another take the big prize!

— John L. Nunes

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